"Anne Whiston Spirn is a Landscape architect, teacher, scholar, author and photographer who investigates and reclaims troubled urban landscapes. Her work's unique strength stems from a collaborative process that engages the local community, especially children. She integrates science, design, and public participation to solve urban issues in poor communities."
National Design Award

Planning Magazine, on the Sanibel Plan

"Sanibel changed the nature of municipal planning within Florida."
Wayne Daltry, Lee
County Smart Growth Task Force

Planning Magazine, on the Plan for Woodlands, Texas

"A model of community-based planning efforts"
National Housing Institute, on WPLP

"An excellent model"
American Association for the Advancement of Science, on WPLP

"This project [WPLP] demonstrates the links between environmental issues, education and heritage, and is a model for Ottawa as it seeks to comprehensively implement a 'green city' strategy."
City of Ottawa, Canada, on WPLP